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Fruit Loops!


Get your daily intake of

How To Play

  • Use the keyboard direction arrows or virtual joystick to navigate the maze.
  • The aim is to eat as many yummy vitamins before being eaten by the munchies.
  • Eating fruit loops makes you temporarily immune to the munchies, choose when to eat them wisely.
  • When immune eat the munchies for bonus points
  • Get caught twice and the game ends.
  • Sign-in to post your score to the player's leader board at the end of the game to enter the cereal box competition.
  • The person with the highest score each Friday at 10am will win a cereal box filled with Jax Jones merch.


Score 0000 Lives 5 Top Score

Game Over!

You ate grams of vitamin *G*

Post Your Score

To the leader board to enter our cereal box competition. A winner is picked every week!

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